MERC has existed for over three decades on the people and groups in Western societies who believe in the future of the Maasai community and share what they can. All contributions are welcome; those that have the greatest impact are monthly donations that support MERC’s operations out of the Dopoi Center, and more substantial donations directed toward a specific project.

Monthly Donations

The donations that have kept MERC alive for over three decades typically range between $5 and $200, and they are made by people from many backgrounds but who share an understanding that the hardest thing to fund in the case of small grassroots organizations is also the most critical: that is the operating budget that puts gas in the tank and food on the table for community organizers, that keeps the lights on at the Dopoi Center after student and tourists groups go home, and the pay salaries of the Center staff who for 15 years have sacrificed their own personal lives to build this project.

Urgent Current Projects

MERC is currently collecting donations for food relief which has become a serious problem in the face of covid related shutdowns. Food distribution is made out of the Dopoi Center as money is received.

Long Term Projects

  1. MERC has collaborated with Prescott College in a campaign to finish the development of the Dopoi Center. $130,000 has been raised toward our goal of $500,000. Funds will finish and furnish student/researcher and tourist accommodations, built the Welcome Center and Museum of Maasai History, an observation tower/classroom; purchase of new vehicles, and new staff housing. The goal of this development is to increase revenue to the Center and achieve economic sustainability.
  2. MERC is also raising funds to build the Maasai Automotive Education Center in collaboration with Arizona State University. If you are interested in collaborating on this project, please contact Mark Henderson at [email protected]

For more information please contact Mary Poole at [email protected]

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