“Our work as the MERC board is to follow and support the lead of the Maasai community. MERC is not run by a ‘white’ dominant culture that is directed from the U.S.  We use a very different model from that of a more typical non-governmental organization.”

Suzanne Pfister, MERC Board Chair

Suzanne Pfister, Chair

“Maasai are subject to a form of systemic racism in Kenya that is different from communities of color in the U.S., but we can still see the same types of challenges both groups face. We can understand the broad strokes but we know that we cannot direct the work in Maasailand; we exist instead to support the local leadership.” 

Mike Stone

“Maasailand – travel there and you’ll fall in love with the people, animals, and culture of East Africa! MERC is there to support the local and regional Maasai leaders, and their efforts to protect Maasai lands, and to provide political, economic, and leadership opportunities to the Maasai community.”

Mark Henderson

“The Maasai community are generous and model world citizens, especially in this time of global warming.  Yet, they face discrimination and lack of control over their own historically Maasai land. MERC has provided an amazing place for my students to come for transformative learning and collaboration experiences. But, more importantly, MERC is an opportunity for us to provide support and to join the Maasai vision for solutions to local problems.”

Kevin Pitts

“When you travel in Maasailand, you get an overwhelming sense of how integrated the people are with the land and its other inhabitants. This concept is something special and while it is age old, you also realize that it leads to the future. But we need to find solutions to the many problems that have arisen in the last century. To me, this is the essence of the MERC mission, not only for the Maasai but for all.”

Ken Ziezenheim

Nancy Teff

Paul Burkhardt

Evy McDonald

 “Although I am new to the board I have been associated with MERC since its inception. MERC is more than projects; even more than processes. MERC is about creating, building, sustaining, and learning together what it means to live on this earth in ways that bring life and hope”