The MERC community includes a few key partners who model an unusually collaborative approach to giving.

Dan Boyce undertook the project of rebuilding the MERC board and leading it to establish the Dopoi Center as a hub of collaboration and economic sustainability. Dan has gifted MERC through the years with his expertise, experience, his own resources, and through his faith that the hard work of building trust is worth the effort.

Dan Garvey, former Prescott College president, came to Maasailand in 2007 when the college’s collaboration with MERC was little more than a dream. Dan was a primary architect of that collaboration, first through his grasp of its potential for PC, and then through his role as a philanthropist committed to the principle of following local vision.

Richard Bakal has been a deep friend of MERC for many years. Richard shared resources that made the development of the Dopoi Center possible. He also has invested in the work as a colleague, through his insight, continuous support, and willingness to wrestle with the challenges of collaboration in the trenches.

University Temple Methodist Church in Seattle has been a constant source of support for MERC for 25 years. Through the vision of church member Mark Poole, MERC found a home in the U.S. and a community that has endured.