Our approach to decolonizing knowledge involves a collaboration between the Maasai community and students, faculty and researchers in the design of research methods and and questions. This approach is described in a forthcoming book: Meitamei Olol Dapash and Mary Poole, Decolonizing History in Maasailand, (2021)

We welcome collaboration on many projects to further this work including:

  1. Development of research protocols for the Dopoi Center that draw on those implemented in other Indigenous places
  2. Oral History project with Maasai elders
  3. Archival and oral history research on Maasai history under Kenyan statehood
  4. Land Trusts and communal ownership/use strategies
  5. Incorporating Decolonizing Methodologies into primary and secondary education in Maasailand
  6. Development models for resilient economies