The Dopoi Center is a Research and Education hub in rural Maasailand that houses the collaboration between MERC and Prescott College.

The Dopoi Center is located on ten acres of land overlooking the Maasai Mara Game Reserve in a rural and remote high savanna area of the Rift Valley near the town of Talek. The land is covered with acacia, olive, and other savanna vegetation and over 300 species of birds including weaver, shrike, and spurfowl. It is also inhabited by elephants, lions and other ungulate species, the latter especially during the months of June-October as it is on the path of the annual wildebeest migration from the Serengeti. The Center is surrounded by villages and their herds of cattle; several lodges are located nearby, especially along the Talek River, as well as private conservancies. Because of its location, the center is perfectly positioned to facilitate research through a broad spectrum of disciplinary lenses and into an equally diverse range of issues. The Dopoi Center currently houses a 5000 square foot office and classroom space, with internet and a small library, dorm style housing as well as more private accommodations, a campground for those who prefer to stay in a tent, a full kitchen and dining veranda, vegetable garden and orchard.

Dopoi is a resource for the Maasai community, the home of Prescott College and other international student study programs as well as conferences, Maasai Field Guide Training Program, research, and tourism. It is the future home of the Maasai Automotive Education Center (MAEC,) a project of Arizona State University.

The Dopoi Center welcomes you to visit. For more information, please contact Mary Poole at [email protected]