Come on Safari with Us

MERC designs trips to support our work financially and to promote the Maasai community’s ability to become employed in the tourism industry that takes place on our land. It also happens that the trips we lead are exceptional because they are led by Maasai guides, experts in local wildlife, in collaboration with the Mara Guides Association, the first ever Maasai workers union. Trips that we organize educate visitors in Maasai culture and ensure that you are welcomed into the community as a friend.

By coming to Maasailand with us, you are also supporting our work, as your visit supports MERC and the local economy. For more on the vision of Maasai led tourism.



We can design a trip that is specific to your group, or invite you to join one that is already assembled.


Maasailand Trip ITINERARY 2020.docx