Mosiro Water Project

This project built a distribution system for an existing borehole and brought water to 8,000 people through four distribution points up to 11 miles from the borehole site, and served three schools and a clinic. The project cost $100,000 and was completed in 2010; the international partner for this project was Sedona Rotary Club in Arizona. Following completion, the community successfully applied for government funding for a dorm for girls, planted 20 acres of corn and beans for school lunches, and received a small business loan for new kitchen facilities which is now complete and paid off. The clinic was expanded through similar fund raising to provide 6 beds for at-risk pregnant women. Mosiro is not recognizable these days to those of us who first saw it as a dry flat desert that extended in all directions, with no trees and a barren ground of a school that was half empty. Today green dominates the view, through the tree planting project, the garden, and further development is planned by the water committees which continue to meet. We continue to look for additional funding to expand the kiosks at Mosiro similar to the expansion at Erusiai.